7.30pm, August 26th - 28th
SkyCity Theatre

Star-crossed lovers Sandy and Danny are devastated as their summer internships come to an end. Torn apart by the distance between their universities, the two engineering students reminisce over those summer nights. But, a surprise reunion brings surprise opportunities, and with it a surprising clash between the lovebirds. Will they be able to overcome their differences and pass the semester? Join Sandy, Danny and the gang at the Engineering Revue to find out!

The annual Auckland Engineering Revue (otherwise known as Auckland’s only show entirely created and performed by Engineering students) presented by MAS is back for its 14th annual performance, and it's sure to be The One That You Want (to watch)!

As always, the show ranges from brilliant one-off comedy sketches and fantastic dance numbers to our brilliant jazz band and comedy short films! Whatever you’re looking for, we have it and you’re gonna want to see it!

The 2021 Engineering Revue is proudly sponsored by MAS Insurance and Marshall Day Acoustics.


The Engineering Revue is an awesome show put on by the University of Auckland Faculty of Engineering at SkyCity Theatre. Established in 2008, the Revue is an annual event drawing on the collective talent of nearly 100 students, from bright-eyed first years to world-weary post-graduates. Every aspect of the show, from writing and performance, through choreography and costume, to lighting and sound, is done by students. Heck, in the past we've even made an elevator, a pirate ship, & a dragon, and last year we made a temple! It all comes together for a night (or three) of acting, comedy, dancing, singing, and much more!

Indiana Jones and the Graders of the Lost Marks cast & crew


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